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Emergency links

Turnbuckle with two eyes

Swaged socket

Spelter socket

Spelter socket with eye

Swaged socket with eye hot dip galvanized

Shakles anocher type

Shackles omega-type with nut and split pin

Tensioning screws with eye and hook

Turnbuckle with two hooks

Rope slip hook

Sliding choker of primed cast steel

Choker ring

Weld on hook

Weld on lifting points

Lifting points

Weld-on lifting points type SPAR

Coupling hook

USA tensioning screws

Trigger snap galvanized

End stop


Wire rope clip galvanized


Insulated swivel

Rope sockets with wedge

Wedge sockets

Wedge sockets S-423T

Rope sockets

Wire rope clip galvanized

Forged thimbles

Rope rotator

Heavy duty thimble raw

Thimble Army model

Thimble type Welaki hoz dip galvanized

Crimping sleeves made of aluminum

Crimping sleeves made of copper

Jaw type eye swivel

Threaded chain connection

SIKA snap hook

Swivel hook

Swivel hook type CLS YC

Swivel hook

Swivel hooks

Hoist hook

Master link assemblies

Oval ring

Simplex wire rope clip

Duplex clamp

Eureka wire rope clamp

Eureka wire rope clamp

Fist grip clip galvanized

Duplex clips with 2 bolts

Eye slip hook with safety latch