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Webnet curtain façade with integrated graphic elements.

Restoroute Rose de la Broye, Estavayer-le-Lac (Switzerland)

Webnet rope ø 2 mm, mesh aperture 60 mm, vertical stabilizer ropes ø 6 mm.

A Webnet grid measuring 18.5 x 6.8 m is mounted on the east and west façades of the building.

Two thousand equilateral aluminum triangles with a side length of 160 mm are riveted onto the

Webnet at each façade. The triangles constitute a haptic structure and in the corners are assembled

to form the word „HOTEL“. The reflective film applied to the aluminum triangles bounces back the

incident light by day and night.


Restoroute Rose de la Broye (Switzerland)

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Webnet used for advertising

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Stainless steel net used as a sign

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Façade with integrated graphic elements

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Webnet with integrated graphic elements

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Stainless steel net with graphic elements

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Stainless steel net used for advertising

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Graphic elements placed on Webnet

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Graphic elements placed on stainless steel net

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Webnet used as a sign

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Hotel sign made with Webnet

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