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WebTree falling rock protection barrier
Energy level classification 2 (500 kJ), category A, ETAG 027

Intelligent statics neutralize forces by deformation.
The optimized, slender design of WebTree allows it to blend in
with the landscape.
The WebTree integrates load nets and restraining nets in
one layer. This reduces material volumes. The net structure can
reliably stop minor erosion phenomena as well as large blocks.



The brochure Stopstones S1 as PDF

WebTree with a overall length of 45 m

• 5 WebTree modules (5×4 m), 4 intermediate nets (5×4 m)
• 5 back anchors, 2 lateral tension guy ropes
• Ring net with rope Ø 6 mm, ring Ø 128 mm
• Material: AISI 316 or galvanized


Watch the WebTree video now